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Yes we are still alive and well.  It has been a while since I have had time to post to our blog hopefully that has changed.  Farmers’ Markets are winding down and cold weather is just about here, maybe I will have time to keep up the blog.

Here is another use for emu oil as noted by a friend and emu farmer.  Changes are coming in the future with a new size of ULTRA emu oil and also Shampoo/Conditioner.

Emu Oil Testimonial
I had a local customer stop today. She purchased some emu meat and emu oil. Before she left she told me that her sister-in-law lives in Alaska and works at a Bird Rehabilitation Center.
Last year she sent her sister-in-law a bottle of emu oil. They have a problem in the winter with the birds talons getting very brittle. Her sister-in-law started using the emu oil on these brittle talons. It worked great and softened the talons beautifully. She will be sending her sister-in-law more emu oil both for her use and for the birds.

Sugar Maple Emu Farm.

Could it be time to add emu oil to your dental routine?

A Potential New Use For Emu Oil

Could it be that emu oil can improve your smile? Your dental health even?

Could it be time to add emu oil to your dental routine?

Have you heard of Oil Pulling? We hadn’t until it was brought to our attention by one of our customers. (We hadn’t heard of the Paleo diet and emu meat accommodating it either, but that tidbit of information led to a partnership with a local chef.)

Typically coconut oil or sesame oil is used for oil pulling, a practice that involves swishing or “pulling” the oil through the teeth with the intention of pulling out bacteria and harmful germs in the mouth that can contribute to gum disease and other buccal ailments. Because of the antibacterial properties of the oils generally uses, our customer asked if we had any information on oil pulling with emu oil. We admitted we didn’t, and she volunteered to experiment and report back to us on her findings. While we wait for updates from her, we wanted to let you know a bit more about what we found out about oil pulling.

We found an article on the Baseline For Health Foundation’s website, authored by its founder Jon Barron, a world-leading nutraceutical researcher, cutting-edge formulary consultant, and more. He admits early skepticism at the reports on oil pulling, but ultimately clarifies a few things about the practice.Quoted sections below from Jon Barron’s article.

“The basic technique is simple. Upon waking, you take one tablespoon of sesame or sunflower oil in your mouth and swish it around. Then spit it out. The details, however, are a little more involved.

• You need to do it first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink anything.

• You need to swish for 20 minutes — give or take maybe three to five minutes. As it turns out, this is absolutely essential for the procedure to work. If you swish for much less than 20 minutes, it won’t work. If you swish for much longer than 20 minutes, you run the risk of reabsorbing the bacteria and toxins back into your body.

• Effectively, you want to swish until the oil turns from clear and thick to a thin, white, milky consistency.

• You want to swish the oil back and forth between all of your teeth and side to side across all of your gums. You want to hit the cheeks and soft palate. Like butter on an English muffin, you want to “press” the oil into all the nooks and crannies of your mouth — over and over again.

• Do not gargle with the oil. You do not want to risk swallowing it. Swallowing a little will not harm you, but repeatedly swallowing the oil after you’ve swished with it means you will be ingesting things that you’re trying to get rid of.

• Once done swishing, spit the oil out into the toilet or sink.

• Rinse, gargle, and spit out again

• Use a tongue scraper to remove the coating from your tongue.

• Finish by brushing your teeth and rinsing with a mouthwash if you like.

• Perform daily for approximately 40-50 days (three 8-ounce bottles of oil will do the trick), then as desired.”

So how does it work?

“There are several reasons that oil pulling is likely to be highly effective in killing the bacteria in your gum pockets.

1. Most oils have antibacterial properties. Studies have been done on both sesame oil and sunflower seed oil that demonstrate their ability to kill bacteria. In addition, some oils, such as sesame oil also have anti-inflammatory properties.

2. The fact that oil pulling sessions run 20 minutes is crucial. It allows time for the oil to “seep” into the pockets. Unlike brushing, which only lasts a couple of minutes, or using a mouthwash, which lasts a few seconds, the extended time of the procedure keeps the antibacterial agent in the mouth long enough to work its way down into the protected pockets and reach the harmful bacteria where they live.

3. Oil is, to put it simply, oily. It does what oil does. Unlike toothpaste which only goes where it’s brushed, oil seeps into the nooks and crannies of your gums.

4. The aggressive swishing and pushing of the oil back and forth across the gums aids in pressing the oil down into the pockets. Again, doing this for 20 minutes allows the oil to penetrate deep into the pockets.”

Again, we admit to not knowing anything about this until our customer mentioned it, but based on the information presented by Barron, we are anxious to hear what our customer’s report is. Stay tuned. To be reported in an upcoming blog post.


Ultra Emu Oil for Ultra Healing

In our last two posts we’ve focused on the potential benefits of emu oil as a sunscreen, but what if you forgot sunscreen and have a monster sunburn?

Because of the healing properties of emu oil, it is a natural choice to ease the burn and re-introduce moisture into the skin. Clear ULTRA(tm)Emu Oil can offer even faster healing as it penetrates the dermal layer even faster than pure emu oil.

Clear ULTRA(tm) Emu Oil has been proven to increase the anti-inflammatory activity by 45%.

With the added value of vitamin E, the only other ingredient, Clear ULTRA(tm)Emu Oil has been processed through a patent pending process, which removes anti-inflammatory inhibitors, has shown to reduce swelling more effectively than unprocessed emu oil. This finding has moved ULTRA(tm) Emu Oil into a new category for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

During the month of May, save 10% on both 1 oz and 2 oz sizes of Clear ULTRA(tm) Emu Oil. Shipping on emu oil products is always free in the continental United States.


Emu Oil Protects Sensitive Skin in Astounding Ways

In the last blog we wrote about our Protective Sun Crème as summer approaches. Then we remembered that we received the following testimonial from a client of ours and are excited to share it with you. We know that emu oil has amazing properties, many of which are, as of yet, unexplained via scientific study.

I wanted to share my experience using emu oil and the Protective Sun Creme here in the hot, Florida sun. I love to fish, and garden, and spend many hours a week in the sun. Plus, I have rosacea and my skin can be quite sensitive and turns red rather easily. Years ago, a friend of mine used emu oil prior to her radiation treatments, and her skin did not burn. I was convinced emu oil must have a natural SPF or something, that made it protective of radiation. Since there are no studies to date regarding emu oil and SPF, I decided to try it out for myself. Anyone with rosacea will tell you, commercial sun blocks burn your face when applied. So the natural alternative was something I was looking for.

I use only emu oil on my skin as sun protection now with great success. If my face is exposed for long periods of time, I apply the Protective Sun Creme on my face, after I apply the oil. My last fishing trip was over eight hours in the Florida sun, and I can report…no burning or even any redness at all. There IS an all-natural solution for sun protection!!

N B, Vero Beach, FL


As you can see from the testimonial, emu oil just might have properties that protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. N B’s friend even used it prior to radiation treatments and avoided the skin burning that is common with those treatments.

While 4 D Acres can’t make claims officially about the effectiveness of emu oil as a sunscreen (or radiation screen) but we can share the testimonials of our clients.

For more testimonials (and ideas on just how others are using emu oil) see our Testimonials page.

Protective Sun Creme

It’s Time To Think Sunscreen

As the Polar Vortex thaws and the clouds clear from the skies, 4 D Acres wants to remind you to care for your skin by applying adequate sunscreen.

Often, we don’t think about sunscreen unless we are going to the beach, the swimming pool, or having a picnic. It is important to think about protecting your skin every day, even in the colder weather.

Did you know that you are more likely to get sunburnt on a partly cloudy or cool day? That’s because there is no heat of the sun on your skin to remind you to protect it. If there is snow on the ground or you are by a water source, the harmful rays of the sun hit you directly AND reflect back to you from the water’s or snow’s shiny surface.

It’s also important to use a sunscreen that is safe for your skin, free of harmful chemicals often found in drugstore sunscreens. Those chemicals often irritate the skin, even while supposedly protecting it from the sun.

PROTECTIVE SUN CRÈME from 4 D Acres is an important part of any skin damage prevention strategy, because it not only protects, but will moisturize and promote the repair of sun-damaged skin.

Containing only natural ingredients – Shea butter, olive oil, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, chamomile, Vitamins C and E, green tea, and vanilla flower – you can be certain that your skin is doubly protected!

During the month of April, save 10% on the PROTECTIVE SUN CRÈME and as always, free shipping within the United States or to Military FPOs.

emu meat

Emu Meat is Acceptable Paleo Fare

The Paleo* diet has gained popularity in recent years. We don’t follow it here on the farm, but we have family members that do and they alerted us to the fact that emu meat is allowed on the diet. So we decided to see what it is all about.

In a nutshell, the Paleo diet is a hunter-gatherer type diet. The basic premise is to eat healthy, lean meats, accompanied by lots of fresh, in season (and organic if possible) vegetables, along with healthy fats like tree nuts and avocados. The primary exclusions are all grains, sugars (fresh fruit is allowed in moderation) and dairy products.

While we don’t claim to be experts of any kind in the dietary realm,* we do know good meat when we see it. And we see it every time we open our freezer.

Emu meat is low in fat, and high in protein. The red emu meat is similar in taste and texture to lean beef, but lower in cholesterol, fat, and calories. The American Heart Association recognizes emu meat as a healthy alternative to beef. It can actually be used in any recipe that calls for beef, pork or chicken.

Here’s an easy recipe for breakfast, lunch or dinner that is Paleo-friendly and delicious. Compliments of our daughter Michele B.

Mountain Mom’s Paleo Joe Scramble

1 lb. ground emu
8 oz. sliced mushrooms
1 small red onion chopped
10 oz fresh, organic spinach (Washed, sold in the bag)
2 Tbsp Olive oil
Garlic Powder
8 eggs, lightly beaten with 2 Tbsp water added
One avocado, sliced

Add a tablespoon of olive oil to a sauté pan over medium-low heat. (Emu meat should always be cooked at lower temperatures to avoid dryness and toughness). Add the onion and let soften for about 5 minutes, stirring often. Add ground emu and break up with a spatula. Add mushrooms immediately. Cooking the mushrooms with the meat allows for even cooking time. Add salt and garlic powder to taste. Once the emu meat is browned and mushrooms cooked, turn off the heat and add the spinach, stirring it in, and then covering the sauté pan to allow it to steam.

Drain the mixture in a colander to remove as much liquid as possible.

Add one more tablespoon of olive oil to the pan. Return the meat mixture to the pan and cover with the beaten eggs. Stir like you would scrambled eggs to ensure even cooking and to avoid burning.

Serve warm garnished with avocado slices. Serves 4.

Use red pepper flakes or Sriracha if you like a spicier dish.

*4 D Acres is not making specific health claims about the Paleo Diet and recommends that you check with your physician before making dietary changes.


Muscle Joint Plus

Emu Oil Featured on Dr. Oz for Back Pain

On the February 7, 2014 episode of Dr. Oz, guests want to know how to help pain from strained muscles. For the first time on the show, Dr. Oz talks about emu oil. He invited Peggy Brill, an orthopedic physical therapist, onto the show to talk about her recommendations to minimize pain and discomfort. (The back pain segment begins at 25:44 where they talk first about muscle spasms and then slipped and ruptured discs.

At 31:20 they address muscle strains.

Brill explains that a muscle strain is caused by taking a muscle beyond its capacity, which causes tiny tears in the muscle fiber resulting in pain. Muscle strains can be caused by carrying small children, carrying groceries, gardening, sports activities, or even a sudden wrong movement.

Dr. Oz says that he had never heard of it until Peggy Brill mentioned it to him. She explains that emu oil is high in linoleic acid which aids in the reduction of swelling, while it blocks pain and promotes healing. The pain relief is also sustained as it has a lasting effect.

Muscle Joint Plus with Emu Oil

Not mentioned on Dr. Oz is the fact that emu oil is transdermal, penetrating quickly through the skin to the areas where healing is most needed. Because it is transdermal, it is often used in conjunction with other topical pain remedies to assist penetration. It also moisturizes and softens dry skin, heals cuts and other open wounds, and eases the pain and discomfort from burns and insect bites.

Do you have more questions about emu oil? Email us at info@4dacres.com or call us at 1 877 837 4119. Check out our website at www.4dacresemuoil.com.

Freya loves Rusty's Pet Treats

Healthy Treats Make Healthy Pets

How can you tell if your pet is healthy? Generally a healthy, soft and shiny, fur coat is a great sign. As are bright eyes and healthy gums and teeth.

In addition to proper exercise for your pet’s type, diet is important too. Your pet shouldn’t be too fat or too thin.

While your dogs and cats require much less thought perhaps than your menu plan, you can add a few treats to keep your pets not only healthy, but happy too.

Freya loves Rusty's Pet Treats

All dogs love a treat. Cats too. And if they’re generally fed standard dry pet food, a change in the menu is more than welcomed.

Rusty’s Pet Treats with Omega 3 are a great snack for your best friend (pet)! A jerky-like meat snack, it is packed with healthy low-fat protein from emu meat, fiber-filled and omega 3 rich flax seed, and just a handful of other ingredients that are recognizable and pronounceable! No need to worry about crazy ingredients here.

Ingredients: Emu meat, flax seed, barley grits, natural hickory smoke flavor, salt, garlic powder, tomato powder, dextrose, spices, nonfat dry milk, sweet whey, soy sauce powder.


Best of all, they are on sale during the month of March (2014). Buy three (8 0z packages), get one FREE!


What’s In Your Meat? Emu’s Got It Beat

More protein, less fat, fewer calories! A health conscious meat lover’s dream. Only it’s not a dream. It’s emu meat.

When compared with Venison, Ostrich, Bison, Beef, Turkey and Elk, Emu comes up the clear winner in 15 of the 20 categories compared, according to a June 2000 USDA Alternative Meat Study at the Universtiy of Wisconsin and a USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.

You will see in the image below that emu has only 4.7 grams of fat per 3.5 oz of cooked meat, while beef and turkey have 16.4 and 13.2 grams of fat respectively. Saturated fat is significantly lower than most meats as well.

A quick glance at the image shows (highlighted in purple) that emu scores very high in nutrients as well.


In addition to the healthy qualities of emu, it is not only easy to cook, but versatile as well. It can be used as ground meat, grilled steaks, as a roast and more. Substitute anywhere you would use chicken, beef, or pork.

Muscle fatigue

Get Up and Go With Purple Rub

Do you find it hard to get moving because your muscles are sore and fatigued? Exercise, hard work, poor posture, and even lack of movement can all cause muscle stiffness. The cold weather doesn’t help either.

4 D Acres recommends Purple Rub All Natural Pain Relief Cream. It’s not purple though; it’s a creamy white, and it rubs on easily and absorbs quickly leaving no white residue. Because it contains 30% pure emu oil, it is one of our most concentrated products and even has an FDA approved formulation.

It contains all natural ingredients to help with your muscle pain including camphor and menthol providing a cooling sensation that calms your pain. The emu oil acts as an anti-inflammatory while also helping the other healing ingredients absorb quickly into your skin and muscle tissue to provide relief.

Other healing ingredients include aloe, tea tree oil and willow leaf extract. For a complete list of ingredients visit the Purple Rub product page on 4dacresemuoil.com.

During February save 10% on the 4 oz Purple Rub , and as always enjoy free shipping within the continental US and to military addresses.